On-the-spot help


Caritas Migrationsberatung

The migration counselling service is the contact organisation for immigrants possessing recognised residential status and provides information on all immigration matters. We advise and support immigrants in their integration.

Organisatorische Dienste – DRK KV Niederrhein e.V.

The Lower Rhine District Association of the German Red Cross is available for organisational tasks in emergency accommodation facilities. It sets up and operates, for example, medical rooms, organises the supply of food, and also provides staff services

Psycho-Soziales Zentrum Niederrhein

The work of the Lower Rhine Psycho-Social Center, which is funded by the AWO's Wesel District Association, is aimed at helping refugees who are traumatised and/or are suffering from mental harm or handicap, and refugees who have been victims of torture, human trafficking and/or sexual assault.