Psycho-Soziales Zentrum Niederrhein

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The Lower Rhine Psycho-Social Center, funded by the AWO's Wesel District Association, aims to help: refugees who are traumatised and/or are suffering from mental harm or handicap and refugees who have been victims of torture, human trafficking and/or sexual assault.

The Center, which is located centrally in the inner urban zone of the town of Moers, serves the following counties: Kleve, Viersen, Wesel (left-bank Lower Rhine) and the left-bank Lower Rhine districts of the city of Duisburg.

Our multi-disciplinary team combines social-work and psychological elements, in order to provide the best possible needs-based treatment for refugees suffering from mental harm or handicap. The team's aims are: to initiate, by means of systematic counselling and therapeutic support, psycho-social stabilisation and the initial steps toward mentally coping with the traumatic experiences, to outline ways out of social withdrawal, and to make long-term integration possible.

The question of whether these persons already have a recognised residence status is of no importance for our work. Our counselling services are promptly available and are free-of-charge for refugees and their dependants. Interpreters are available when necessary during the counselling sessions.


We provide:

  • Out-patient diagnostic interviews for determination of the degree of psychological stress
  • Crisis-intervention for emotional stabilisation
  • Drafting of a plan of assistance with the on-the-spot helper system, with the aim of social integration
  • Drafting of replies in the context of the asylum procedure
  • Cooperation with health services and boards, clinics and doctors, and also with the social-psychiatric service
  • Drafting of individual health provisions
  • Group and project work for, for example, women, unaccompanied refugee children under the age of majority
  • Setting-up of structures and networking with other helper systems
  • Organisation of further-training events for information disseminators

The AWO's Wesel District Association has many years of experience in refugee counselling. We are aware of the problem situations, worries and needs of refugees. The workers in our refugees' social counselling service and psycho-social center are qualified contact consultants. They have good knowledge of German aliens and social law. Our standards include professional supervision sessions and regular further-training events, in order to assure that our knowledge is up-to-date at all times.


Andrea Mierzwa

Psycho-Soziales Zentrum Niederrhein
Seminarstr. 14
47441 Moers

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